A Trusted Partner for Investment Management

In an environment of constantly shifting financial markets, investors are increasingly in need of continuous professional management of their financial assets. Professional management can help investors stay the course in turbulent markets, and meet their long-term goals and objectives. Our firm is committed to developing strategies and managing portfolios that are on target with investor needs, and to implement them competently, responsibly, and with confidence.

What separates Hamilton-Bates from other investment

advisors is a combination of proprietary research and open access.

We pride ourselves on our independent economic, technical, and

fundamental analysis.  We compliment our research with the discipline to take positions contrary to the herd if that is where our work leads.  Since even the best ideas are ineffective without proper communication, we provide our financial professional partners and clients with uncommon access to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  We also offer a Market Update newsletter to convey our take on market events.   

Reducing risk while pursuing above-average investment returns is at the heart of the HBIR investment philosophy. Time and again history has shown that human emotion is one of the greatest obstacles to successful investing. Our disciplined strategies remove investor emotion and the turmoil it can cause from the investment decision making process.  Investors do not have to concern themselves with day to day financial market activity, freeing them from its stress and allowing them to pursue other activities with piece of mind.


Our primary goal is to provide the highest level of investment advice possible to our clients, irrespective of their financial situation.